This is at the heart of our friendly and professional service. All our Will Writers produce Wills either from instructions taken by our agents or as a result of visiting clients. In the latter case confirmation letters and a complete information pack is sent to the client prior to the appointment – the client is therefore prepared. If Cardinal Wills takes the instructions, we will visit the client at their home or office to discuss their circumstances and advise on the best way to achieve their wishes.

Wherever possible Wills are prepared within two weeks of receiving instructions and are returned direct to the client with detailed instructions on how to have them signed and witnessed. We can also offer an attestation service, where we return with the documents and supervise the signing and witnessing. Please ask for details.

No matter how complicated the client’s affairs, Cardinal Wills will offer the best and most tax efficient solution for dealing with them.

If the client already has a Will, we are able to offer a free “health check”.


Death duties were brought in to tax the rich and this was the position until comparatively recently. Property price inflation coupled with very modest annual increases in the tax-free band have resulted in the situation where the possibility of paying inheritance tax is a reality for most people.

Through extensive training and experience our local representative is ideally placed to offer clients the best advice on saving inheritance tax which for couples would involve utilising both their nil rate tax bands ensuring a saving of over £100,000. Clients with business or agricultural property have the potential to achieve greater savings.

A hidden ‘tax’ is Community Care Costs. If the client has to spend his or her last years in care, this can effectively, decimate your client’s estate. Often the impact of Community Care Costs can be lessened by having a well-drawn Will and again Cardinal Wills will be able offer the right advice.


Our services are not just limited to preparing Wills. A death is a highly stressful situation and often family members are unable to deal with all that is necessary to obtain probate to the Will and administer the estate. Thus, it is prudent practice to have either an executor in the Will who can handle the necessary formalities at reasonable cost or someone to whom the family can turn for help.

Cardinal Wills can recommend professional executors and trustees if required. They will carry out the necessary legal work efficiently, speedily and sensitively at a very reasonable cost to the client.


Proper storage of Wills is of fundamental importance. If lost or destroyed, they can rarely be ‘reconstructed’ from copies.

Again as part of Cardinal Wills ongoing commitment to the client, we have secured a facility whereby our clients’ Wills can be stored in a secure, fireproof and waterproof environment. Each Will is separately insured and the client is provided with a copy of the Will, certificate of storage and cards to hand to their executors so that they too know where the Will is stored.

For further information on our home-visit Will writing services, please contact us.